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New! Westcoast Sax MoFo II Limited Edition Rose Gold Plated for Tenor Sax 110

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Product ID: WCSMoFo110RGTen


HELP, I Want One!

MoFo - Rose Gold Plating - 110 Facing
Saxquest is happy to now have in stock a small select stock of mouthpiece by Westcoast Sax. This is the MoFo in a 105/7* opening. The piece was selected for us by Matt at Westcoast sax. This one in particular does show off the limited edition rose gold plating. 
The MoFo was developed as a collaboration by Westcoast Sax and Theo Wanne. It is designed to provide the contemporary saxophonist with a clear powerful sound with out sacrifice depth and color. 
Please let feel free to contact us directly with any questions at zac@saxquest.com 
“After years of frustration and trying to find the right mouthpiece for myself... I finally gave up and collaborated my ideas with Theo Wanne. The MoFo is a Powerful, Pure, and Edgy Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece and it really does play like a MoFo if you know what I mean... Hahahah! I am able to play loud and edgy… or I can play soft and smooth not sacrificing warmth and color. I have found that you usually sacrifice one for the other… not here my friends. 
The MoFo Mouthpiece allows me to express my True Voice… No Tubbyness… No Hollowness… and No Thinness! It is really easy to play with an effortless upper and lower register as well as a focused core. My mouthpieces are Made in the USA by Theo Wanne.”
- Westcoast Sax