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NEW! Westcoast Sax MOAM Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .115 – Rhodium

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MOAM Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .115
The Westcoast Sax MOAM (Mother Of All Mouthpieces) Saxophone Mouthpiece displays a contemporary sound with Explosive Power, Color, and Depth. From Beautiful Ballads... to Screaming Solos... the MOAM allows the player complete freedom of expression and is down right a blast to play. Matt Lee personally designed The MOAM Mouthpiece with a medium facing (Super Responsive), thin rails, roll-over baffle, and a bullet style medium chamber. 
This individual mouthpiece was selected by Matt of West Coast Sax to be sold at Saxquest. The tip opening is .115" or 8* in Otto Link measurements. Please feel to e-mail us directly if you have any questions.