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NEW! West Coast Sax 'Throwback' Inspired STM No USA 8 for Tenor

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New Super Tone Master Inspired Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor
The Westcoast Sax "Throwback" Inspired STM No USA Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece displays a traditional yet modern vibe with Serious Projection, Color, and Depth. The one thing you will notice immediately is the mouthpiece is not Stuffy like a lot of the Vintage Links you may have tried. The Throwback offers the player a more modern traditional sound with the enhancements of a modified tip, baffle, rails, and facing curve. Think of an early Babbitt, but supercharged a tad. Matt Lee personally designed The Throwback Mouthpiece with a medium facing (Super Responsive), thin rails, and a traditional round style medium chamber. 
This piece in particular was selected for us by Matt from West Coast Sax. It is in the vintage clear coat in an 8 facing. This is an FDA Compliant epoxy resin. 
If you are looking for a mouthpiece that allows you Full Expression, Playability, and a Personalized Sound... Then look no further!