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New Vandoren V5 & V5 Jazz Mouthpieces for Alto Sax

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Professional Classical & Jazz Mouthpieces by Vandoren

Available now from Saxquest is the full line of Vandoren mouthpieces. This is the V5 mouthpiece for alto sax. These pieces are made with a flat baffle, a small round bore, and come in models featuring either a normal or jazz chamber. They are great for all kinds of work, from classical to jazz, as well as students.

The mouthpieces available include:

  • A17 - tip .060" - short facing - an excellent classical piece, with great intonation & a beautiful rich sound
  • A28 - tip .064" - medium-short facing - features a pure tone and an even sound in all registers
  • A27 - tip .065" - medium-short facing - designed for play with softer reeds, with optimum tone color, especially the top range, recommended for classical playing
  • A15 - tip .069" - medium-long facing - easy to play, great for students of classical music
  • A25 - tip .073" - medium facing - same as A15 but wider tip
  • A20 - tip .073" - medium-long facing - great for lovers of softer reeds
  • A35 - tip .081" - medium-long facing - jazz chamber - great for classical or jazz, especially big band & section work
  • A45 - tip .087" - medium-long facing - jazz chamber - same great qualities as the A35 but a little more open, ideal for Be Bop
  • A55 - tip .097" - long facing - jazz chamber - most open mouthpiece while conserving depth and roundness of sound


For more information, please see Vandoren's website.