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New! TM CUSTOM 500 SL Silver Finish Tenor Saxophone

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TM Custom Silver Finish
Saxquest is proud to present the latest generation of the TM Custom 500 SL tenor saxophone developed by Randy Jones of Tenor Madness. Every instrument is hand assembled and set up with the extreme attention to detail by Mr. Jones himself. The assembly and set up of the TM Custom includes leveling of the tone holes, soldering the bell to body brace, treatment and insertion of the black leather Roo pads and CNC machined TM Custom Resonators. Every TM Custom is hand assembled, engraved and customized in the United States. No less than 24 hours of painstaking time and detail is put into the final set-up of each instrument to ensure perfection.
These tenors feature a true rounded tone hole and not a soldered ring. By utilizing a seamless rolled tone hole and soldering the bell to body brace the entire horn responds faster and resonates freer. Unlike some saxophone manufactures who offer rounded tone holes or soldered tone rings, each TM Custom is gone through with great care to ensure each tone hole is level. When the rolled tone holes are perfectly level they increase the surface area of the pad seat, which in turn creates a better seal and an extremely stable long lasting set-up.
The TM Custom includes the TM 500SL neck. These necks are machined from a mandrel that was fashioned using specifications from a world-class original Mark VI tenor neck. Using this neck tube as a starting point, the neck tenon, tip ring and vent tube are all custom machined. The neck tenon is unique in that it is one piece, CNC machined from a solid block of brass. A solid neck tenon allows for a more efficient transfer of acoustic energy, enhancing the overall resonance and response. The octave pip or vent tube of the neck is also offered in two sizes. Its standard larger size gives a sound which is freer blowing where the smaller vent is more focused. If you are looking to add a brighter more intense sound to your horn you may want to try it with a nickel silver neck. Copper necks are also available if you are looking to further warm your sound.
Years of product testing and research went into the TM Custom with the end result of a lush vintage sound. These horns play with a warm core and fast response to air flow. Whether you are looking to play with a more intense focus or a mellow sub-tone the TM Custom’s fast response allows for an unbelievable amount of flexibility. Intonation and the consistency of timbre across all registers is outstanding on these tenors, even up into the extreme upper register.
The TM Custom comes with the F# key, models without the high F# key are available as special order. Please call or e-mail for availability.
No fewer then 24 hours goes into the final set-up and regulation of a TM Custom. Every horn is carefully inspected and tested before it leaves the shop. A very fine instrument designed to combine the perks of modern key work and construction with an awesome vintage sound!