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New Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone in Lacquer

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Selmer Reference 36 tenor saxophone, built in the spirit of the ledgendary Balanced Action


I have play tested several of the reference tenors and pitted them against some of the best Mark VI's out there. I come away with the impression that these are truly great saxophones.

The reference 36 is built in the spirit of the 1936 Balanced Action to generate broader, more flexible sound. We've found that the increased radius of bottom bow makes for a fatter/bigger bottom end. We've also noticed that the reference 36 tenors have a bit more resistance which gives you something to push back against. The overall sonics are dark and powerful and come very close to resembling the Selmer Super Balanced Action.

The reference 36 comes with the high F# key in addition to a more compact key positioning bringing them closer to the body and more directly under the hand. The palm key placement and height is similar to a Mark VI, however, the intonation in the middle register is superb, unlike many a Mark VI.

This sax is sold with a complete professional setup by the Saxquest Shop.

We also provide a 1 year comprehensive warranty with this sax with the option to purchase an additional year extended warranty (2 years total).

Check out what selmer has to say about their reference horns by following the link below.

Selmer Paris Website