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NEW Phil-Tone Tribute Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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A Tribute to the Florida Vintage Otto Link

This is the newest model available from Phil-Tone Custom Woodwinds. This is the Tribute, and it is the product of a collaboration between Phil and Theo Wanne. They decided to re-create the Florida Link, but in a way that had not been approached before. Many mouthpiece manufacturers today start with a good Link sound, and then add something to it, their own twist or change in concept. Phil & Theo instead decided to recreate that vintage sound as closely as possible. And I can say they have succeeded.

Physically the piece looks fantastic. It has a brushed matte silver finish that is very unique and truly awesome to see.

The first one we received for play-testing didn’t look much like a Link on the inside, the chamber and baffle appear different from what we see on most Florida pieces. However, as soon as you play it, you get “the” sound. It really does play and respond like a great Florida mouthpiece. In fact we did a few blind side-by-side comparisons and fooled several customers and employees here who were sure the richest, warmest, more powerful sounding piece was a Florida Link when it was in fact this Tribute.

Vintage Florida pieces always play differently from one another, which is why so many players spending years on the hunt for “the one”. Some players prefer a slightly brighter, edgier Link and others prefer a very dark, more rounded sound. The Tribute seems to play in the middle of those two extremes, and as such probably has the biggest audience. If you’ve been hunting for a long time for a great playing tenor piece, this is definitely a mouthpiece to consider. These are available in a 7* facing measuring .105”.

The Phil Tone Tribute mouthpieces are special order only and are non returnable. It is usually a very short wait time for these pieces as Phil-Tone fills orders very quickly. Please send us a message if you have any questions.