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New Phil-Tone Isotope Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax – High Baffle

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High Baffle Tenor Mouthpiece
This is the Isotope mouthpiece for tenor sax made by Phil-Tone Custom Woodwinds with Theo Wanne.  The Isotope is Phil-Tone's first high baffle mouthpiece. It is very reminiscent of the classic high baffle pieces ie Guardala. The Isotope features a high baffle profile with a steady floor slope, small baffle roll and undercut side walls.  Its configuration allows for a brighter and very full sound with plenty of body.  The sound is achieved with quick and easy response.  Control and balance are also incredible on this mouthpiece. 
If you are looking for a modern alternative to spending $2,000 on an expensive vintage piece the Isotope should be a serious consideration.
The Phil Tone Tribute mouthpieces are special order only and are non returnable. It is usually a very short wait time for these pieces as Phil-Tone fills orders very quickly. Please send us a message if you have any questions. We offer these in a 7* facing.