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New P Mauriat 67RCL Cognac Alto Sax - BLOWOUT PRICE - Serial # PM0505418

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Product ID: PM0505418PM67RCLAlto


HELP, I Want One!

New P Mauriat 67R Cognac Lacquer Alto Sax at blow-out pricing, serial number PM0505418. This alto came to our shop with a small cosmetic factory defect. It is a brand new instrument that we are selling cheap!


This 67R is new, never sold or played outside of our store. It arrived to us with a tiny defect, allowing us to slash the price. The low Bb hole looks a little “cooked,” where the heat during manufacturing got a bit too high during the process of rolling that tone hole. The physical shape of the tone hole is fine, but the color is slightly off (see picture # 17). Purely cosmetic, and doesn't affect play at all, and because of its location, you'd be hard pressed to see it unless you really go looking for it. The horn shows no playing wear, no scratches or anything like that, and still ships with its original, new case.


The CL (Cognac Lacquer) version of the 67R plays a hair brighter and bigger than the DK finish model, but retains an overall warmer quality at its core. Response is fat and the horn projects great, really fantastic punch and power. It hits hard without losing color of sound, a great combination.