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NEW Otto Link Vintage Series Tone Master Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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The Newest Mouthpieces from Otto Link

This is a newest creation from Otto Link - a return to their roots! This piece is a metal Tone Master, fashioned after the New York vintage pieces of the same name. Each piece is individually serial numbered, and they come wrapped in a cloth pouch in a traditional looking black Otto Link box.

These pieces were designed after years of research by Otto Link into their past, as well as input from many tenor sax players today. The Tone Master was redesigned with a larger round chamber, and while many modern pieces have high baffles this one does not, with a more traditional look and thus a more "vintage" sound. It even has a shorter shank like the old NY vintage pieces.

This is sure to be a popular mouthpiece for players wanting the "vintage" Otto Link sound. When the actual New York vintage pieces are selling for well over $900 in original condition, these are certainly worth a test! We stock these in facings 6 - 8, other sizes smaller and larger are available as a special order only.