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NEW! MACSAX MAC 8 Rose Tenor Saxophone in GOLD PLATE

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LOW Price on a Gold Plated Tenor

Saxquest is very happy to present the brand new line up of professional saxophones from the MACSAX Company. This is the MAC 8 tenor saxophone in gold plate. Its design features a large bore, a big bell and double arms on the low C and B keys. An extra support brace is also placed between the bell and body allowing for faster more positive key action on the low end of the horn. The end result of the construction is a horn with a humongous low end in addition to a very powerful upper register. Gold plated horns are usually at a premium price, but this one is available for a fantastic bargain.


Every MACSAX instrument includes a full professional set-up from the Saxquest shop. The set-up includes a complete regulation and adjustment of the keys followed by a series of thorough play testing and fine adjustments until the instrument is absolutely perfect.


Horn Features


  • Neck: Custom MACSAX® neck with increased bore

  • Keys: Professional Grade, brass power forged

  • Auxiliary Keys: Front F, High F Sharp

  • Key Touches: Genuine White mother of pearl

  • Bell: Oversized Bell for huge low end projection

  • Spring Type: Blue Steel Springs

  • Pad Type: Professional Grade Italian Pisioni Pads & Cork

  • Resonators: Brass with nickel plating

  • Thumb Hook: Metal, adjustable.

  • Range: B-Flat to F-Sharp

  • Level: Professional Class

  • Material: Ribbed Construction; Annealed Brass

The MAC 8 delivers the vintage, warm, and rich quality sound all saxophonists seek. The MAC is produced to our exacting standards and must meet our high quality control inspections along the production process and final setup in our U.S. distribution center.