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New MACSAX D-Jazz Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone

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Developed by Eric Falcon

Saxquest is proud to present the new line of mouthpieces by the MACSAX Company. These pieces are developed and hand finished by master mouthpiece technician Eric Falcon and are absolutely incredible.

The new MACSAX ® D-Jazz Hard Rubber mouthpieces are designed to deliver the timeless sounds of the most sought after vintage pieces while delivering a more efficient contemporary feel.

Made from pure hard rubber, the D-Jazz benefits from an extensive amount of handcrafting. The table, facing, rails, and baffle are all carefully hand crafted. This delicate time consuming process leads to a mouthpiece with a rich and balanced sound that responds instantly and evenly.

The D-Jazz Soprano mouthpiece features a medium large chamber with a squeezed throat and a very gentle rollover baffle. The medium large chamber gives the piece a dark core and in combination with the squeezed throat the piece has a dark, rich sound with great focus. The gentle baffle provides ample projection without making the piece overly bright. The hand crafted facing assures a consistent and reed friendly feel.

If you have any questions about the MACSAX mouthpiece please feel free to send in a product question or contact us directly at zac@saxquest.com