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New Keilwerth MKX Tenor Saxophone in Antique Brass

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The Newest Line of Keilwerth Saxophones!

This is the brand new Keilwerth MKX line of saxophones. The MKX is an entirely new lines of saxophones from the long established Keilwerth company. It merges the tonal characteristics of Keilwerth’s popular SX90R line with physical characteristics of vintage saxophones.

As you can see in the photos, this horn has an entirely new look that is certainly eye-catching. Produced from German brass with an “antique brass” finish, it doesn’t look like any other sax out there. This is not an unlacquered instrument, the finish will not tarnish or change and is made to last. Blending with its unique, dark look, are black mother of pearl key touches.

As has been the case with all pro Keilwerth horns, this horn is manufactured in Germany, and you can feel the difference. Keywork is very comfotable and the sax has a definite solid feel to it. Sonically it has a warmer tinge to it without being overly dark, and in true Keilwerth fashion it plays with a huge, powerful and resonant sound. It feels more open, less focused, than most other horns that are being produced today, more like what you’d find on the great vintage horns of decades past. I can positively say we are excited for Keilwerth and this new MKX.