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New Eastman 52nd Street Unlacquered Low A Baritone Sax

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Eastman 52nd Street Low A Bari w/ High F#
This is the new 52nd Street Low A baritone sax by Eastman, model # EBS652RL. The 52nd Street is a top notch professional baritone sax. It’s designed to provide the professional saxophone player with a high performance instrument.These saxophones feature an un-lacquered finish with rolled tone holes. The un-lacquered finish gives the sax a fantastic vintage look and sound. The double arms on low C, B, Bb and A provide additional support to the pronunciation of the low end of the sax which is especially helpful on baritone. This saxophone is keyed up to high F#.  
Just like the tenor and alto models the 52nd Street baritone has a ton of power and is very open and free blowing. Its warm sound color is highly flexible making it a great bari to take to any gig. Every Eastman horn sold from our store includes a free pro level key regulation and set-up. These saxophones also come with the Saxquest one year set-up warranty.