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New 'ARC' Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece by James Bunte - Perfected Hand Finished Baffle

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ARC for Tenor Saxophone - Created and Hand Finished by James Bunte
Saxquest is ecstatic to present the ARC for tenor saxophone by James Bunte. These mouth pieces have already become a favorite in our shop. The amount of control and balance they demonstrate with no sacrifice to power or sonic clarity is absolutely exceptional. The construction of the ARC features a wide open throat leading into rounded side walls and a hand finished rolled baffle. The highly present baffle shaping on these pieces are made to lay between the lower slope of the Florida Slant Signature and higher slope of the Early Babbitt Tone Edge. The end result is one of the sweetest and most colorful hard rubber pieces we have ever carried in our shop.
Every ARC mouthpiece is CNC machined from high quality bar hard rubber. They are then hand finished, play tested and fine tuned to perfection by James Bunte. These pieces show a clean and sleek take on the traditional hard rubber body which is also accented by the bright blue “ARC” lettering.
The inspiration for the ARC came from Mr. Bunte's experience in refacing a very unique and rare version of an Otto Link Reso Chamber which was stamped “Joe Allard Model”.
When Chase Baird (tremendous NY tenor player) sent me this Joe Allard Otto Link Reso Chamber to reface, I was astounded by the power, clarity, and complexity of the sound. This version of the Reso seems to be quite different from others I have played over the years. I had this Reso mouthpiece measured and my new ARC mouthpiece is CNC machined out of the best rubber rod stock I can get. I hand finish all the facings, baffles and rails. I am VERY proud of the result!
-James Bunte
This piece is already an employee favorite in our shop! Saxquest is thrilled to now have a limited number of hand selected ARC mouthpieces for sale.