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Near Mint! Selmer Paris SIII Matte Finish Soprano Saxophone, Serial #718492

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Product ID: 718492SelmSIIIMatSop


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer SIII Soprano

This is a gorgeous Selmer SIII soprano saxophone in matte finish and gold lacquer keys, serial number 718492. The soprano is in stellar condition and has never seen extensive play time. These horns play with a deep focused quality. The matte finish seems to add an even warmer enriched quality to the way it responds and sounds. The Series III has long been a go to for some of the worlds finest professionals. It features comfortable modern key work to high F# and high G. 


The pictures tell the story of this sax the best. It is in tremendous physical condition and its body is in perfect shape. There has never been any body or solder repair on the instrument. Looking over the sax there is only one very small major notable blemish of acid bleed near the post ribbing of the low Eb and C keys. There is some light play wear here and there if you look really close but nothing serious. 


It has been sometime since this saxophone has seen any service work. As such it is currently in line in our shop to received a professional set-up. The set-up will include fine regulation of the key work. While the horn is in our shop we will also replace any needed key materials and some of the pads in the upper stack. 


If you are looking to save some money on a SIII soprano this is the perfect way to do it. These now sell brand new for over 8,000. This soprano ships out in perfect playing condition with our professional set up and Selmer zip case.