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Near Mint Chedville RC Soprano 2* for Soprano Sax

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Chedville RC 2*
This is a pristine Chedville RC soprano saxophone mouthpiece in a 2* facing. The tip opening on the piece measures .045” and is ideal for players looking to use heavier reeds. Pick this one up at a premium price. 
No expense has been spared in creating the Chedeville RC Saxophone Mouthpieces. Starting with proprietary “Chedeville Rubber”, which is a more pure rod ebonite that recreates the great rod rubber of Pre World War II legendary Chedeville mouthpieces. If you don’t see the symbol CHR on the mouthpiece than it does not have “Chedeville Rubber". 
Chedeville manufacture the mouthpieces from beginning to end in their factory in Savannah Georgia using state of the art CNC machines and expert mouthpiece artisans on the crucial and indispensable handwork.