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Museum Quality Vintage THE MARTIN ALTO Saxophone - Serial # 190401

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Product ID: 190401MartinAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Sometimes you pick up a horn and just say “Wow!” This is a nearly perfect original lacquer The Martin Alto (Committee III) alto sax, serial number 190401. Needless to say, this horn has spent most of its life in a closet, but it is ready to come out and see some gigs.


The horn looks incredible. The original lacquer is 99% intact, with only very minor wear on a few touch points. There was one tiny ding in the bottom bow (on the top, near the low C key as seen in the photos) which has been removed. There is minor lacquer loss from this work. There are no other dents or dings, and no previous resolders. The original neck, with matching serial number, has never been pulled down and shows no previous damages.


We received this alto on nearly all original pads, so it was well past time for a repad. Due to its extreme “museum” quality, we are currently offering the sax as-is on the original pads, but it will need a repad if you plan on using it as your main ax. We're offering to add our full restoration at a greatly reduced price, available from the option above, if, you would like us to do the work. This would include full disassembly and cleaning, all new pads and material, and regulation.


If you are vintage Martin lover or just dig the old American made instruments, this is a serious find. It ships in its original case, which is also in fantastic shape.