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Museum Quality Vintage King Super 20 Alto Sax - Serial # 346946

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a vintage sax with a unique story

This is a unique horn, very possibly a one-of-a-kind. This is a vintage King Super 20 alto sax, serial number 346946. The serial number dates this horn to 1956, but the keywork and design, and even lacquer color, looks like a later Cleveland model from the early to mid '60's. It has a cool story to explain the discrepancy.


This sax was originally purchased by a King employee for his son, who just brought it in to us after it having sat in the closet for the last 50+ years. Coming from the home of an employee, this alto was either, a) an early prototype, or b) more likely, produced in the early 60's at the factory using a spare, unused body tube from a few years earlier. This would explain a way for King to sell a horn to an employee of theirs for a lower price, a horn they may have had trouble selling otherwise. In any case, it is the only horn like this I've seen.


Ignoring the serial number on the tube, it looks just like a late Cleveland “Series IV” Super 20. It has nickel keywork and a single socket neck with underslung octave key. Since it has spent nearly its entire life not being played, it is in pristine, near-mint condition. The only wear is some light finish wear on a few nickel keys, and some very fine surface scratching on the back side of the tube and bell. The original lacquer coverage overall is a solid 99% intact. Even the original case is perfect, it looks like it just stepped out of time!


This sax came to us in all factory original pads. Due to their age, we are going to completely overhaul this instrument, using premium firm leather pads and oversized, seamless metal resonators. We'll replace all of the material and optimize the key heights and spring tensions throughout.


If you want a truly unique instrument that will also play its heart out, this is the sax to pick up. It is a great find for players and collectors alike, with a museum-quality look that will take your breath away.