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Museum Quality King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 521824

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Product ID: 521824Super20Tenor

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One of the (many) joys of working at a saxophone store are those days when you open up a sax case and are greeted by a horn that looks like it stepped through a time machine. This is one of those days. This is a pristine example of a 1975 vintage King Super 20 tenor sax, serial number 521824. They don't come any nicer than this instrument!


The photos tell the tale on this one. The only wear of note is some fine scratches on the back side of the tube. There's 1 scratch up by the neckstrap ring, and some minor scratching down by the thumbrest and on the back clothes guard, and maybe 3 or 4 small ones on the back of the bell. That really is it. The are absolutely no dents or dings, and amazing no real lacquer wear on the sax. All of the original pads are still in excellent shape. The sax currently has an extension on the octave key thumbrest (as seen in the photos), which is easily removable. To keep the horn as original as possible, we are going to replace a minimal amount of material to make sure it is playing well when you receive it. I do need to replace a couple pads in the palm keys, but the rest we'll leave original and tease out so they are sealing properly.


This is a true museum quality tenor, a great find for collectors especially. Even the case looks beautiful! This is a stellar instrument, it is sure to go quickly.