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'Mulligan Era' Vintage Original Silver Conn Transitional Chu Bari Sax – Serial # 250984

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Product ID: 250984ConnBari


HELP, I Want One!

Conn Baritone Sax - Silver Plate

Here's a beautifully restored 1932 vintage C.G. Conn “transitional” Chu Berry model bari sax in original silver plate, serial number 250984. This horn looks incredible and plays better. If you've been on the hunt for a Mulligan era bari, this horn will not disappoint.


As you can see in the photos, the sax looks spectacular. It was just restored by Michael Hollis at Volkein's Music in Pittsburgh, and he did a great job. The original matte silver body and burnished silver keywork shine like new, and the gold wash looks great in the bell. This horn was originally sold to the US Military and bears the US Quartermaster engraving on the bell. It shows evidence of some minor previous repair work and a couple resolders, but all done very well, and there looks to be no serious past trauma anywhere. The horn is missing the low C# guard (as is so common on these horns) but is otherwise intact. The worst of it is a minor previous bend in the bell flare, but even that is hard to spot unless you look very closely.


This instrument now has all new pads, fitted with flat metal resonators. It is sealing up like a drum and plays wonderfully, with a fat, beefy bottom end and a lot of color and depth in its voice, from low Bb up into the palm keys. Intonation is very respectable for a vintage Conn too; I've played some of these horns that were a fight the whole time, and this horn is steady. It isn't a modern Selmer, but you can certainly work with it. This is a fantastic bari for serious players who love that vintage sound.