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Modern Berg Larsen Stainless 95/0 SMS Alto Sax Mouthpiece .090

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Product ID: MBerg950SMSAltoSep2021

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The Bullet with a Big Roll
This is a modern era stainless steel Berg Larsen 95/0 SMS mouthpiece for the alto sax. This piece features the iconic bullet chamber with a pronounced rollover baffle. Though stamped a 95, the facing measures a bit under that, closer to .090”/2.29mm. The facing does appear to be original and unaltered. Physically, this piece is in solid shape, with only light marks on the beak, no deep indentations in the original black bite plate, and only minor scuffs around the body. It has a teensy ding at the tip of the tip which doesn't interact with the reed.
The mouthpiece has a fair bit of resistance, but plays with a high dynamic ceiling, bright, cutting timbre that tend buzzy.
No mouthpiece cap or ligature included.