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Mint! Theo Wanne MANTRA Un Lacquered Straight Soprano With Tipped Neck, Serial #1137

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Mantra Soprano by Theo Wanne
This is a Theo Wane Mantra un-lacquered soprano saxophone with a tipped neck. These saxophones are one of the new hot items currently on the market. If you are looking for a free blowing and highly versatile instrument you are going to quickly fall in love with the Mantra. This one in particular does not have much more then a handful of hours on it and is in pristine condition from top to bottom. There is absolutely no history of repair anywhere on the sax. The Mantra features a set-up with a set of premium leather pads and metal resonators. All of the factory corks and felts are also still in new condition. This saxophone is currently awaiting a fine adjustment in the Saxquest shop and ships out in perfect playing condition. 
The Mantra shows off an impressive look with gold lacquer keys and an un-lacquered body. It also has a number of other refinements such as a triple ring neck strap holder, full sized right hand thumb rest and a number of additional adjustment screws. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the soprano is its physical appearance show the two tone brass color complemented by the hand engraving portrait on the bell. 
This soprano is a great free blowing player and has a ultra smooth response to air flow. The key work is comfortable and easy to get around on. It is keyed to high F#. Theo Wanne designed this sax to give players the best of both the vintage American saxophones and the classic French models. This is a rich and very warm playing saxophone and it is in pristine condition. Do not miss out on a chance to get one at great savings.