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Mint! Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII Black Lacquer Tenor Sax, Serial #494470

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HELP, I Want One!

Super Action 80 SII in Black Lacquer
This is an absolutely pristine condition Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II tenor saxophone, serial number 494470. This tenor is in incredible shape from top to bottom. It looks like it has been handled with kid gloves its entire life. The black lacquer finish is 99% intact. There is some light key finish wear around a couple of the key touches as well as a faint and hard to see blemish on the outer bell flare. All that being said this horn has obviously been extremely well cared for over the years. It has no history of past body repairs and has received no solder work. All of the guards are also in fantastic original condition. The original neck is with the horn and is also in pristine condition. 
The tenor was professionally set-up in our shop in 2021 on its original Selmer pads and factory metal resonators. As the horn has seen very little play time the pads are in great shape and have plenty of life left in them. We will also go through the horn once more before shipping to ensure it arrives in perfect playing condition. 
Sure, this tenor has a look that will turn heads, but it has to play too, and it doesn't disappoint in that department. Its sound is dark and full, with a lot of body, and offers the player excellent control. With its warm and focused tone, it excels as a classical instrument and will slot in perfectly in the concert band setting, but with the right mouthpiece, it can do jazz just as easily, as long as you like a dark sound! Ships in its original wood Selmer Vanguard case, with leather case cover.