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MINT Museum Quality Buescher 400 TOP HAT & CANE Tenor Sax - Serial # 306283

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Product ID: 306283B400Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Opening horns up like this one is what makes this job so much fun. This is a mint condition, 1946 vintage Buescher 400 “Top Hat & Cane” tenor sax, serial number 306283. I've never seen one prettier, and it deserves to go to a good home where it can be appreciated.


Looking at this tenor, all you can say is, “Wow.” The original lacquer is 99.9% intact, which a few stray scratches here and there, mostly around the neck strap ring. There's a spot or 2 of minor lacquer imperfections from the factory, but even the touch points are perfect. Absolutely no dents or dings, no resolders, etc. The original neck has one lacquer imperfection from where it appears a minor ping was removed, but that's the only past repair anywhere on this horn. The sax has all of its original snap-in metal resonators and gold plated Norton springs.


This 400 will get a complete overhaul from the Saxquest repair shop before shipping, all included in the price. We'll give it all new pads and material, while keeping the factory hardware. We'll also adjust it back to factory specs, with medium-light spring tensions and fairly open key heights.


Amazingly, this tenor is playing on the old pads, further proof that it just wasn't played very much. It has a big, beefy sound, with that characteristic Buescher warmth and color. Very free blowing and responsive, without much resistance in the way it takes your air. I expect it to be even better once our work is complete. This is the total package, a true collector's quality instrument in museum condition. Ships in its original had case.