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Mint Condition Yanagiswa AWO10 Professional Series Gold Lacquer Alto Saxophone, Serial #00362032

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Product ID: 00362032YaniWo10Alt


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Yanagisawa AWO10
This a beautiful Yanagisawa AWO10 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 0036203. The alto is in amazing physical condition and has no history of past repair. Its body and original neck with under slung octave key is in perfect condition. If you look  closely you can see some light scratching here and there from the original owner but it is not anything too serious. The horn was very well looked after and looks stunning. 
The AWO10 is one of Yanagisawa's premier professional instruments. It features ultra  fluid modern key work to high F#. The build construction also showcases post and rib construction giving the horn added durability as well as a deeper warm sound. 
This saxophone came in to our shop in great shape on the original factory pads. The pads are all in perfect condition. This alto is currently awaiting a professional set-up in our shop. The set-up will include a dissemble and cleaning before it is precisely regulated and set-up. While the sax is apart we will also upgrade many of the key materials for a better and longer lasting feel. 
This is a great opportunity to get into an almost brand new Yanagisawa while saving a ton of money. Ships out in perfect playing condition with the original Yanagisawa box case.