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Mint Condition! Yanagisawa WO2 Tenor Saxophone – Bronze Series, Serial #00390383

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Product ID: 00390383YaniWo2Ten


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Yanagisawa WO2 - Lightly Played
This is an immaculate Yanagisawa TW02 tenor saxophone, serial number 00390383. The construction of the TW02 features a bronze body tube, bow and bell with a bronze neck. In comparison to the TW020 models the 02 is a little lighter with less post rib construction. Due to the lighter weight they tend to play slightly brighter. 
This particular TW02 is in stellar condition. It was owned and nicely maintained for a short period of time. The instrument shows no history of ever receiving any past repair. There are a few light and hard to see scratches on the horn but nothing major to note. This saxophone includes the original neck and accessory package. The mouthpiece is in pristine condition. 
This saxophone previously received a basic set-up from another shop and is still in perfect playing condition. While the sax is in our shop we will play test it and check it on the bench to ensure it is still playing perfectly. To keep the end cost down we will not be doing our full set-up. Ships out with the original Yanagisawa box and latch case.