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Mint Condition Yanagisawa WO2 Soprano Saxophone, Serial # 00395875

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Product ID: 00395875YaniW02Sop


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Yanagisawa WO2 Soprano – One Piece Body
This is a stunning Yanaigsawa WO2 soprano saxophone, serial number 00395875. The WO2 is one of Yanagisawa's bronze models. These are made with the same build and key lay out as the SWO1 but they do have a much higher bronze content in the brass. The bronze adds an additional element of warmth. This particular soprano is an absolutely superb player and is perfect for the modern professional in need of a versatile instrument. 
This soprano looks pristine! It looks like it has seen only a small amount of use so far and is in perfect physical condition. Absolutely no history of repairs. I have looked over the sax very closely and can not find any areas with notable wear. This soprano came into our shop playing nicely on the original factory set-up. In order to keep the price at a premium we will not be adding any additional set up work to this sax. 
If you are looking for a tremendous opportunity to save some money on a “like new” instrument this Yani is going to be hard to pass on. It ships out playing perfectly on its factory set-up and includes the original case.