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MINT CONDITION Yamaha YSS-475 Soprano Sax - Serial # 009518A

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Product ID: 009518AYSS475Sop


HELP, I Want One!

This is a dead mint condition Yamaha YSS-475 soprano sax, serial number 009518A. This soprano is in pristine shape and is available for a bargain price. It is a nice pick up for anyone looking for a solid, in-tune soprano for a great deal.


The 475 is Yamaha's intermediate level soprano, but honestly it holds its own with pro horns from other companies. This soprano really plays great, with a sweet sound and an easy blowing response. It features a fixed one piece straight neck and keywork to high F#. Physically, this horn is nearly flawless. There are just a couple scratches down around the bell, but no serious wear of note. There are no dents or dings, no lacquer wear, and the original pads (brown plastic resos) are still in like-new condition.


If you've been looking to pick up an inexpensive soprano, one that plays in tune and won't let you down, this is the perfect option. The sax has just received a fresh set up from the Saxquest repair shop and is ready to ship in perfect playign shape. Ships in a Protec case.