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MINT Condition Yamaha Custom YSS-875 Soprano Sax - Serial # 001707

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Product ID: 001707Yamaha875Sop


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Ships with Fresh Saxquest Setup

This is a pristine, dead mint condition Yamaha Custom YSS-875 soprano saxophone, serial number 001707. This is a pre-EX soprano, featuring both curved and straight necks and keywork to high F#. It is a tremendous modern soprano, with comfortable keywork and a tone that is as pleasant on the ears as you'll find.


This horn doesn't show a flaw that I can find. No dents or dings, no discernible lacquer wear, and the original lacquer is 99.99% intact. A handful of pads have been replaced to ensure the sax comes to you perfect playing shape, and everything is crisp and it even feels like a new horn under your fingers. The sax received a fresh pro set up from our shop recently, where we replaced all of the factory corks and felts and performed a pro regulation.


This soprano plays with a clear, warm tone, offering superb control to its player. Intonation is impeccable and response is quick and lively. This is a premium pro level soprano for a great price. Ships in its original purple Yamaha case, also in pristine shape.