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MINT Condition Yamaha Custom EX Soprano Sax in Gold Lacquer - Serial # 009946

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Product ID: 009946YamahaEXSoprano


HELP, I Want One!

This is a mint condition Yamaha Custom EX (YSS-875EX) soprano sax in gold lacquer, serial number 009946. This soprano has only been lightly played with kid gloves. You might find a stray cosmetic scratch if you go over the horn with a magnifying glass, but it is as perfect as a “used” horn can be.


This soprano features keywork to high F# and comes with both straight (G2) and curved (G2R) necks. The horn and necks are impeccable with no lacquer of note and no dents or damages. Pads are still in like-new condition, and the sax will get a pro set up from our shop before shipping, so you can have confidence that it will arrive in perfect adjustment.


If you are looking for a clean, clear sound, you won't be disappointed. Very easy blowing and outstanding intonation. It is a tremendous horn for quartet or concert band use, but with the right mouthpiece, will do jazz equally as well. Ships with its original case and original mouthpiece.