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MINT CONDITION Selmer Paris Mark VII Alto Saxophone - Serial # 304613

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Product ID: 304613MarkVIIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is one of the last Selmer Paris Mark VII's off the line: a 1980 vintage alto sax with serial number 304613. This horn is about as perfect of an example as you'll ever see. The horn is dirty from years of sitting, but it will get a fresh restoration from our shop and come to you ready to go for years to come.


This sax is in exquisite shape. It has 99%+ original lacquer intact, no dents or dings, no previous repairs. Honestly looks much like it did the day it left the factory in 1980. It even has many of the original pads with original factory lacquer overspray on the edges! It's rare to find any vintage Selmer that hasn't seen a dent or three, but this alto is the cream of the crop.


With the old pads, the sax is not playing great currently, but it will go through our repair shop before shipping out, where it will receive a full professional overhaul. We'll clean it up, replace all pads and material, and adjust the spring tensions and key heights to factory specs. It's going to be playing like a million bucks when we're done with it.


The Mark VII gets a bad rap, but let's be honest, anything that was going to follow the Mark VI was going to struggle to find its footing. I've played plenty of these horns to know that they can be dependable, solid horns, and are a great option for players looking for the “vintage Selmer sound” but can't afford a Mark VI. You definitely need bigger hands to get around the keys on this, but if that's not a problem for you, you'll fall in love. Ships in a red Gator gig case.