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MINT Condition '64 Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Soprano Sax in Original Silver # 121362

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Our Price: $ 7,500.00

Product ID: 121362MarkVISoprano

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This is a gorgeous, all original Selmer Mark VI soprano sax in original silver plate, serial number 121362. The serial number dates this sax to 1964, but you'd never know it based on its looks. This is hands down one of the prettiest Mark VI sopranos we've ever seen. There is virtually no wear of note, and it is nearly flawless top to bottom. This is a serious horn for collectors looking for the nicest around.


I'm hard pressed to find anything bad to say about this soprano. There are a couple scratches if you look VERY close, but no real wear to speak of. The original silver is as close to 100% as I've ever seen; there isn't even any wear on the touch points. The silver is tarnishing a bit at the moment, but we'll polish it up before shipping, and it will arrive to you shining like new.


This sax came to us on old pads, well ready for a fresh pad job to be in optimal playing condition. In addition to the cleaning and polishing, we'll replace all pads and material. We'll use quality firm leather pads and original style brown nylon resonators, and set the spring tensions and key heights back to factory specs. The horn will look and play like the day it left the factory in 1964.


This horn is a real joy to play. In addition to its looks, it plays with a sweet, lush voice, with a lot of punch backing it up. You want a good Mark VI soprano to project well, and this horn does everything you want it to. Outstanding punch and power, with warmth and color in its tone. These kinds of horns don't come around every day, it's a blast to see and play this beauty.