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MINT Black Nickel Keilwerth SX90 II Soprano Sax w/ 2 Necks - Serial # 113075

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Product ID: 113075SX90RSop


HELP, I Want One!

Dead mint condition Keilwerth SX90 II series soprano sax in original black nickel plate, serial number 113075. Like-new condition, and a great player, this is the real deal for players looking for the classic Keilwerth sound.


You'd be hard pressed to find any real wear on this sax. I went over closely and see no lacquer wear, no dings or past repairs. There's a couple stray surface scratches, but honestly we've seen new horns from the factory that are about the same. Many of these Keilwerth sopranos feature one piece body with attached straight neck, but this horn has detachable straight and curved necks – a nice bonus. Pads are all still in like-new condition too, with original metal resonators, and the sax will get a fresh pro set up from our shop before shipping.


This is a great pro soprano for players looking for an edgy, powerful sound. It takes your air very efficiently and responds fast, with a big, bold sound. Lots of cutting ability; you'll have no problem being heard on this sax! Great for jazz, rock, or funk. Ships in its original Keilwerth gray metal case.