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MINT Black Lacquer Yamaha Custom YSS-875 Soprano Sax - Serial # 003404

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Product ID: 003404Yamaha875Soprano


HELP, I Want One!

Tremendous Pro Soprano in Exquisite Condition

This is a beautiful, pristine condition Yamaha Custom YSS-875 soprano sax in factory black lacquer, serial number 003404. This soprano doesn't look to have been played much in its short life, and is in mint condition. As the prices on these top-of-the-line soprano saxes continue to rise, this is a great deal on a gently used one.


Honestly they don't come much nicer than this. This soprano shows no scratching on the black lacquer and no finish wear. There are no dents or dings and it is just about flawless from top to bottom. This is the first series of the Yamaha Custom, pre-EX, featuring keywork to high F#. It was the first Yamaha soprano to have two detachable necks, one straight and one curved. The necks too are in perfect shape.


Because this sax has seen such little playing, even the factory pads are still in excellent shape. Fitted with brown plastic resonators, they still have years of life left in them. We will go through the sax and replace some of the factory key corks and felts, to freshen it up and make sure it holds together for a long time to come.


This is a fun soprano to play. The heavy black lacquer definitely warms the sound and adds focus and control. It doesn't play as bright as the newer Custom Z models, but still projects very well with an overall darker quality of tone. It plays with just a bit more resistance than you might expect from a Yamaha soprano, which gives you that strong foundation and really dials in the palm keys and altissimo. A fantastic top shelf soprano. Comes in its original case, which is also in sterling shape.