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Miam Vintage Dukoff Original Large Chamber LD6 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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Product ID: MiamiDukoffLD6TenorMM


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Miami Vintage LD6 for Tenor

This is a vintage Miami Dukoff Original Large Chamber series mouthpiece for the tenor sax. While you see a lot of Super Power Chambers, you rarely come across an OLC. This one is stamped an LD6 and measures .093”. It is completely original; has never been refaced or messed with. The piece shows only faint scratching around its body from a past ligature, couple little nicks here and there, but overall looks quite nice. The facing/tip/rails all look fantastic. This piece lacks the high baffle that most newer Dukoffs are known for, and plays with a warmer sound, more similar to a classic Dukoff.