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Martin Committee III Alto Saxophone in Original Gold Lacquer - 1948 Vintage - #167178

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Beautiful Lacquer - 40s Vintage
This is a vintage Martin Committee III alto saxophone, showing gorgeous original gold lacquer, serial number #167178.
The Committee III series was the pro line horn for Martin throughout the post war era up until the company was bought out in the 1970s. They featured standard key work for a vintage horn, low Bb up to palm F, a front F mechanism for extended range, chromatic F#, side keys for C, Bb, and high E.
What made this horn stand out was the "light-as-a-feather" action on all the keys, especially upper and lower stacks. Keys are suspended on single post construction, the rail style key guards are interesting mid-century modern designs, the floral bell engraving on these horns is ornate and trails to the beginning of the bow from the bell. 
Sonically, a player could expect a free blowing edgy tone that packs a punch. Rhythm and Blues players turned to these horns for these qualities, although many turned towards the Mark VI when it arrived in the mid 1950s it held its position in our collective revery.
This horn needs a full overhaul as it barely plays any notes at all! The pads are almost as old as the Roswell Incident, but the rods and long keys are moving freely and functioning properly. Springs look fine as well, and there are no resolders, just a bit of lacquer wear around the lower toneholes. The overhaul needed will be straight forward cleaning and replacement of materials along with regulation.
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The Martin will ship as-is, with its original neck, and orange hardwood Martin Case with plush red interior.