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MACSAX Marble Hard Rubber Bob Sheppard Signature Gen III 7* for Tenor Sax - Blow out Pricing

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Product ID: MSBshepSIII7sTen87


HELP, I Want One!

New Old Stock
This is a nice MacSax Bob Sheppard 7* hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor sax. The piece has been play tested a few times but is other wise in pristine condition.  It does show off a very pretty marble hard rubber body. 
These pieces were made as a collaboration between Eric Falcon and Bob Sheppard. The construction is heavily influenced by the various vintage hard rubber pieces. The result is a hard rubber mouthpiece with a large chamber and deeply rounded inner side walls. An subtle baffle roll also is present to give the piece ample clarity and projection. 
The tip opening on this piece is .105”.