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MacSax Bob Sheppard 8* Marbled Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone

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Bob Sheppard 8*
This is a MacSax Bob Sheppard Signature model in marbled hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor sax in an 8* facing. This piece is in fantastic shape and looks a to have not seen much playing time at all. Inspired by the classic vintage Otto Link Slant Signature mouthpieces, this piece has a rounded inner chamber, open throat, and extremely gentle roll over baffle. Aside from some slight scratches on the surface, the tip, side rails, and beak are all in great shape and the facing is all original. 
This piece was designed to facilitate ease of throughout the extreme registers of the horn. It is flexible in terms of dynamics and contour of tone color. This piece is dark and thick yet rich and resonant. It is the perfect piece for a straight ahead jazz player looking for a classic vintage hard rubber Otto Link sound for less than half the price. 
The tip opening on this mouthpiece is .118”.