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MacSax Bob Sheppard 7 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

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Product ID: MACSAXBobShep80AltJY

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Bob Sheppard Signature .080”
This is a very nice Bob Sheppard Signature mouthpiece for alto saxophone made by MacSax. The piece is in great shape and does not look like it has seen to much play time. Its outer body is in great shape as well as the original facing profile. This mouthpiece is built with a larger chamber with deeply rounded inner side walls. There is just a very subtle hint of a baffle roll below the tip rail. 
These pieces are ideal if you want a ultra crisp dark sound with out losing projection and clarity. The tip opening on this piece in particular measures .080. There are no side markings but this is typically where a 7 is measures for MACSAX.