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LOW PRICE Very Lightly Used Ridenour LOW C Bass Clarinet - Serial # 062009

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Product ID: 062009RidenourBass


HELP, I Want One!

Here's a fantastic deal for the would-be bass clarinetist on a budget: this is a Ridenour LOW C bass clarinet in excellent shape, serial number 062009. Finding a low C bass clarinet for $2k is unheard of. This one looks to have been barely used and will get a fresh adjustment from our repair shop before going out.


Many advancing students (and a whole lot of professionals too!) struggle to find a low C bass for an affordable price. This is a great option. This clarinet features comfortable keywork and it is in tremendous shape. The body is a plastic/composite material, durable for players of all ages, and there is no noticeable wear to the keys, and no dents or dings to the bell or neck. Our top clarinet tech will look the instrument over before shipping and make sure all pads are sealing properly, and that the instrument is regulated well.


This clarinet plays with a definitive full and warm voice, with an easy response especially in the lower register. It takes your air very well and responds quickly to even minute changes in air and pressure, offering excellent control. Ships in a hard case as photo'ed.