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LOW PRICE Freshly Repadded Martin Committee III Alto Sax - Serial # 152066

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Product ID: 152066MartinIIIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a 1945 vintage Martin Committee III “The Martin Alto” alto sax, serial number 152066. This alto was just restored and ships with a fresh set of pads, ready for a new owner to enjoy.


This horn has never been relacquered, but doesn't have much original lacquer remaining. When the repad was started, much of the original lacquer was flaking off, most likely from years of storage in a hot attic. Much of that lacquer came off during the repad, leaving a mostly bare brass horn. Physically, the horn is very straight: it shows some minor past dent work in the bottom bow area and a couple resolders, but nothing serious. The horn has never seen any serious trauma or major past repair. The neck is original, with matching serial number.


This horn was repadded with Pisoni pads and gold plated, slightly domed metal resonators (from Music Medic). It feels great under your fingers, with medium-open key heights and a fairly light, “feathery” action. Sonically, this alto plays with a very clear and precise attack. Perhaps owing to being a bare brass instrument, but the sounds is particularly big and enveloping. You can really push this horn hard and it never backs down.