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LOW PRICE Conn 10M 'Naked Lady' Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 350687

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Product ID: 350687Conn10MTC

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This is an old 1950s vintage Conn 10M 'Naked Lady' engraved tenor saxophone, serial number 350687. Currently needing a pad job, this is a solid “entry pro” level horn that can be had on a budget for someone who likes the vintage stuff, or who wants to get their feet wet on a classic American made sax without breaking the bank.


This tenor was relacquered a long time ago, and while the factory engraving is lighter, it is still visible across the bell, showing the classic lady that this model is known for. Physically, the sax shows a smattering of dings in the bottom bow and one foot of the low C keyguard has been pushed in, but all easily accessible areas where those dents can be removed without much effort (1-2 hours by a good shop). The neck too has a dent on one side, and evidence of past dent work as well, but has never been crunched and is definitely workable. Pads are old and will need to be replaced. We are selling this tenor “as is” needing that work.


Made just after Conn stopped rolling their tone holes, these tenors aren't as desirable for collectors, but that just means that real players can pick them up at much lower prices. Still has the same design as a rolled tone hole Conn and all the same keywork/layout. Cool old horn that can be a real ripper once properly repadded. Ships in a hard case.