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LOW PRICE Buescher '400' Tenor Saxophone with Silver Neck - Serial # 462299

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Our Price: $ 1,150.00

Product ID: 462299B400Tenor

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Late 60s vintage Buescher 400 tenor saxophone, serial number 462299. This is a solid player's horn for the saxophonist on a budget. It won't win any beauty contests, but it is a solid player, and has newer pads to boot.


The body of this tenor was stripped and relacquered a long time ago, while retaining the original nickel plated keywork. The end result is a cool look, has a very “aged” look about it. There's some past dent work in the bottom bow area, and the low C and Eb keyguards have both been resoldered. That's the only past repair work that I can spot. The neck is original to the horn, and has been silver plated. It has some minor past work but is still straight.


Pads are in great shape, fitted with brown plastic resos. The sax is sealing well. We are selling this tenor as-is, and while, in order to keep the price down, we won't be performing our full pro set up, we will check the sax over for leaks before shipping.


These “later” series Bueschers are fan favorites due to be a whole lot of horn for the price. This tenor does not disappoint. It remains a very responsive and resonant horn, offering excellent control and a big, fat sound. It takes all of the air you can push through it and then some!