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Lovely Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Alto Sax, Serial # 520099

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Product ID: 520099S80SIIAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer SII Alto in Gold Lacquer - High F#

 This is a very pretty Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII alto sax, serial number 520099. The previous owner did a very nice job of taking care of it over the years. It is in great physical and cosmetic condition with no history of major repair and zero re-solders. The body tube, bell, bow, bow cap and original neck are all in tremendous original condition.


Selmer SII have long been the premier choice of some of the worlds leading alto saxophonist. They are well regarded for their superb accuracy in pitch and amazing sonic consistency from top to bottom. This one has a gorgeous warm color to the way it plays. As you would expect from a modern Selmer the key work is also quite comfortable. The ergonomic key work allows for a smooth and easy play and a comfortable feel under the fingers.


This alto is currently awaiting a professional set-up in the Saxquest shop and will soon be in perfect playing condition. The set-up will include a super precise regulation of the instrument and replacement of all felt and cork materials. A brand new Selmer is very expensive these days so do not miss a chance to pick one up with incredible savings. Alto ships with original neck and original Selmer wood hard case with leather cover.