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Lovely Original Silver Plated CG Conn 'F Mezzo' Saxophone - Serial # 213634

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Product ID: 213634ConnFMezzo


HELP, I Want One!

This is a highly exceptional example of a C.G. Conn F Mezzo soprano saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 213634. The F Mezzo is certainly one of rarest instruments out there. It was Adolphe Sax's intention to have 2 full sets of alternating sax families, one in Eb and Bb and the other set in F and C (think about the C soprano and C-Melody “tenor”). Sadly very few of these horns are left and are consequently hard to come by.


The F Mezzo falls in between a soprano and alto, and looks like a smaller version of an alto. This example shows off its original satin and burnished silver finish with a gold wash in the bell flare. Its body is in outstanding physical condition with no signs it ever received major past repair. One foot of the low C keyguard has been resoldered, but I see no other past repairs. The body tube, original neck and and bell are also all in great original condition.


This F Mezzo features all of the classic “Chu Berry” features including trill G# in the right hand, finger nail file G#, rolled tone holes and pearl rollers. The key action on this particular Conn is comfortable and very easy to get around on allowing for a positive playing experience. Pads were replaced a few years ago, matched with brown nylon resonators, but it currently needs a fresh adjustment. As such, it is currently in our shop in line for a pro set up. We'll reseat pads as needed, replace all key adjustment corks and felts, and give it a fresh regulation. We'll also do a fresh polish, to really make the original silver pop.


This horn does ship in a good hard case (no need to hunt down a case that will fit it!) and be ready to go for a long time to come. A great find for serious collectors.