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Lovely Original Lacquer Buffet Super Dynaction Alto saxophone, Serial #13368

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Product ID: 13368BuffetSDAAlt


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Buffet SDA Alto
This is a vintage Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction alto sax in original lacquer, serial number 13368. The Super Dynaction is a great darker playing saxophone and is a prime example of French craftsmanship. The SDA has a deeper center and is considered to be more focused in comparison to the vintage Selmer's of the same period.  Due to is great focused sound and warmer color these saxophones are very popular with the classical saxophonist but have also seen use in jazz by such players as Jackie Mclean.  
This one displays a lovely original lacquer finish and crisp engraving on the bell. The alto does show signs of having seen its fair share of performances in its day but is physically in outstanding condition. There is no history of major past dent work and no re-solders. Its body tube, bow, bow cap are all in nice original condition. There is one small wear spot on the upper outer rim of the bell flare.  The original neck with the saxophone is also in very good condition and has never been pulled down.  This saxophone does feature gold plated springs and the original key pearls.
The alto was recently overhauled in our shop in 2018 and is a stellar player. We will also go through it once more before shipping to ensure it arrives in perfect playing condition. The Saxquest overhaul on the alto features all new premium leather pads, brown nylon resonators as well as all new corks and felts. 
This alto looks great and it plays great. The perfect player if you are looking for a richly focused dark sound.