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Lightly Used Yamaha YCL 221II Bass Clarinet, Serial #014076

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Product ID: 014076YBC221BassClarEb


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Yamaha Bass Clarinet - Great Step Up Item
This is a very lightly used Yamaha YCL-221II bass clarinet, serial number 014076. The instrument is in exceptional condition and does not look like it has received very much play time by the last owner. Both the body joints are in perfect condition. The bell and neck pieces are also in pristine original condition. There is no history of past repair on the instrument. 
The YCL 221 II has a two-piece design from ABS resin to provide an efficient and  durable construction to the user. Its compact quality makes it ideal for wood wind doublers and progressing students.  The 221 shows off Yamaha's new rubber joint ring system to help prevent air leaks. It also is great fro eas of assembly and to prevent keys form binding. 
Instrument ships with original case shown in photos.