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Lightly Used LA Sax Silver Plated Curved Soprano, Serial #800364

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Product ID: 8003645LASaxCurvSop


HELP, I Want One!

These curved sopranos are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.  This is a super lightly played LA Sax curved soprano saxophone in silver plate, serial #8003645. The soprano is in immaculate physical condition. There is no history of pas repair or any past trauma. 
Recently the curved sopranos have started to gain a resurgence in popularity. The sound bouncing off the bottom bow and reflecting up towards the player gives a much more saxophone like quality to the sound, as opposed to the timbre of the straight soprano which can become almost oboe like in sound.  
This would be a great horn for someone looking to get into an affordable soprano, or just someone looking to upgrade from what they have right now.  Excellent instrument for jazz, smooth jazz, R&B, and pop.  The sax came into our shop playing through some leaks on the original factory set-up. If you are going to do much serious playing it would need some maintenance and regulation before it would be in perfect playing condition. 
Instrument ships in original box case.