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Lightly Used – Hoss 105 Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone Serial #399

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Product ID: HossTen105MW


HELP, I Want One!

Hoss 105
This is a very nice Hoss for tenor sax in a 105 (7*) opening. The piece has been owned and played on in the past but is in fantastic physical condition. Get it now at a great price.
The construction of the Hoss showcases straight side walls and a wide open medium/large inner throat. Leading away from the inner throat there is a classic “Bullet Chamber” configuration which shapes its way into the steady angle of the mouthpiece’s floor and baffle area. The combination of the chamber and floor shape allows air to move through the piece with a lot of speed and efficiency. If you are looking for plenty of projection and power when desired you will quickly fall in love with the Hoss. It can play with a sensitive warm character or can easily achieve all the awesome nastiness you need. Due to its flexibility this mouthpiece works great for solo players in a big band as well as work in rock and R&B groups.